Thermo Buttons drivers

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To use the Thermo Buttons, you need Java and the Thermo Buttons drivers. You need to use either Firefox or Internet Explorer (Not Chrome)

  • Java :
    • Download Java Get the last version (Recommended)
    • If you have a version older than 1.7.0_45, you need to change the security settings to “Medium”
  • Thermo Buttons drivers
  • USB adapter
    • Plug your USB adapter and wait until you get the message
      1-wire USB installed

First time you log to Thermotrack-Online, using you credentials, you will see the message below. Click “allow”


You will then see the message below. Click Allow and Remember

You will also see the message below. Click the check box “Do not show again” and click the Run icon

Run Java

In case needed, please contact our support tems ( or +33 2 51 13 26 45)