New version – V2

The new version of  Thermotrack Online is now available

What’s new ?

  • New price model: Up: Up to now, the application is based on the number of user, with an annual fee.
  • Easier, more flexible: Now you know exactly how much you will pay.
  • Easier reading: Read tour Dataloggers using your standard Java security policy
  • Flmuu screen display each time your download a Thermo button of Hygro button
  • Multiple readings: You now can read your buttons several times and can save data with the description you like.
  • Calibration: Integrata the calibration certificates in Thermotrack-Online, so it will correct data accordingly
  • Communication with Thermotrack Mobile EditionUse your Android Smatphone to read tour logger anywhere and synchronize local data with Thermotrack Online database

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