Service interruption on 02/06/2022

In order to reinforce the security of your data, we will have to proceed to a short interruption of our services on 02/06/2022 at 10:00AM Paris time.

For a short period of time, estimated at 15 minutes, our servers will be stopped and then restarted.


During this time, you will not be able to read Data, but you will be able to download your Buttons. Data will be kept on your PC and transferred as soon as our servers are back online.

Our new infrastructure will allow us to strengthen the security of your data by installing the servers and backups on different data centers.

We are at your disposal for any questions

Graphs printings

Update on March 16, 2021
The PDF printing service has been restored as of this Tuesday, March 16, 2021.
The automated reports have been automatically regenerated and sent to the usual recipients.

We have taken the opportunity to implement an internal solution that no longer uses an external service, in order to avoid a possible unwanted suspension.

We remain at your disposal for any information


The graph printing service has been suspended by our service provider.
This impacts both PDF printouts and automated reports.

We are currently looking for a replacement service.
It should take a few days to find the right service and to do our tests.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are doing everything possible to limit the downtime.
We will notify you here as soon as the service is restored.

Translated with (free version)

New software to download

If you use Thermo and Hygro Buttons, download now our new free software TBO Link to program and read your Buttons.

Important: The previous system based on Java in the Browser has disappeared. So download the new software now.

TBO Link is the new software that can:Thermochron software

  • Mission your Thermo and Hygro Buttons
  • Read the Buttons and select period by zooming on the graph wiht the mouse
  • Send data to Thermotrack Online

This new software simplifies the reading and programing of the Button and will avoid requests for update of Java.
You can also now use any Internet browser like Chrome and Firefox.

When connecting, you need to enter your login and password. Use the ones you use for Thermotrack-Online.

So download TBWeb Link now

Secured Data

Since Nov 2nd 2017, Thermotrack-Online is using secured data transmission using HTTPS.https temperature monitoring

Why is this important for you?

When you log to Thermotrack-Online, data that you send (login and password for instance) are encrypted and authenticated by a trusted third party. This guaranties that your data cannot be red by an external source.

To learn more about HTTPS encryption, read the Wikipedia article

Reading and Programing Buttons with Chrome

Since September 1st, 2015 and version 45, Chrome no longer supports the  Java Plug-in that we use to communicate with Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons data loggers.

People who program and read dataloggers have to use another brower, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Those who review and check data online can still use any browser, including Chrome, but also Safari for Mac.

To download Firefox for free, please visit the Mozilla website.


New version

Thermotrack-Online is changing again.

We have completely modified the user interface, so that the application is now more user friendly and quicker to launch.

The Flash Plug-in is not necessary anymore. You can now view temperature records on your Smartphone or Tablet as well as your PC. The layout will adapt automatically to the size of your screen (This is called Responsive Design).

Programming and reading the data loggers can be done on your PC, but also on Android, using the free of charge application Thermotrack Mobile.

We hope you will enjoy this new version.

Your Plug and Track team.

New version – V2

The new version of  Thermotrack Online is now available

What’s new ?

  • New price model: Up: Up to now, the application is based on the number of user, with an annual fee.
  • Easier, more flexible: Now you know exactly how much you will pay.
  • Easier reading: Read tour Dataloggers using your standard Java security policy
  • Flmuu screen display each time your download a Thermo button of Hygro button
  • Multiple readings: You now can read your buttons several times and can save data with the description you like.
  • Calibration: Integrata the calibration certificates in Thermotrack-Online, so it will correct data accordingly
  • Communication with Thermotrack Mobile EditionUse your Android Smatphone to read tour logger anywhere and synchronize local data with Thermotrack Online database

Thermotrack Online Update

Major changes for Thermotrack-Online

1) New price model
2) Add new functions
3) Java Integration

1) New price model:

Thermotrack Online no longer use the Credit system (Pay as per download)
The service now depends on the number of Thermo Buttons readers registered (USB reader or TB Net Connect)
You still can have free of charge users (as many as you like), and for each Thermo Button reader, you will be charged an annual fee.
You can now read as many Buttons as many times you need without any additional coast.

This is also cheaper than Thermotrack PC PRO or CINCO. Ask your local reseller for a quote.

2) New functions:

  • You can now read Thermo Buttons that have need missioned with another software (Thermotrack PC for instance).
    when you read such a Button, you can choose the name of the Archive
  • Full Screen View: The icon on the upper right corner of the statement show the graph in the whole height of your screen. That’s more comfort if you use a small laptop.
  • Beautiful PDF reports: The icon on the upper right corner will create a PDF file that you can print or save

3) JAVA integration

Last updates of Java are now fully supported using the default security settings.